Huawei P30 - Tips & Tricks

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Frequently asked questions for the Huawei P30

  • How do I easily transfer my old files to my new Huawei P30?


    To make transferring files and settings as easy as possible, Huawei has released an app: Phone Clone. Install the app on your old and your new device, connect it to the same network and you can get started right away!

    Huawei Phone Clone also works with iPhones and Android devices that are not made by Huawei. Download the app in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.

  • My Huawei P30 supports an NM card, what can I do with it?


    An NM card (Nano Memory card) is a memory card with which you can expand the storage space of your phone. This card is smaller than a MicroSD card, has the shape of a nano SIM card and therefore fits in the slot for a second SIM card. This means that you can opt for a second SIM card with your phone, so that you can be reached on two phone numbers, or you can expand the storage with an NM card.

  • The storage space of my Huawei P30 is full. What do I do?


    Your phone's internal storage can become full by storing lots of apps, photo’s, video’s, music, or contacts. This is very annoying, because it makes your phone slow and you can't download new photo's or apps anymore. You can expand your phone's memory with a microSD card. This is a card that you can place in the slot of your second SIM card. This does mean that you can only use one sim card. You can also use cloud storage. You upload photo's and video's to the Cloud and then remove them from your phone. The files will remain available on your phone via the Cloud, but will no longer take up space on your device. This way, your phone stays fast and you have room for new apps, for example. Examples of Cloud storage are iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Can I place two SIM cards and a microSD card in my Huawei P30 at the same time?


    Of course, it is annoying when your storage space is full. Often you can solve this by placing a microSD card in your phone for extra storage space. Your phone uses hybrid Dual SIM. This means that the second SIM card slot is also where you place your microSD card. This means that you cannot insert two SIM cards and one microSD card at the same time. You can choose between one SIM card and a microSD card, or two SIM cards. Do you not know how to insert the microSD card in the compartment of the second SIM card? Then look in the manual of your phone. This is often explained. These manuals can be found on the page of the device on our website.

  • How does Dual SIM work with the Huawei P30?


    You can use two SIM cards with different phone numbers in a Dual SIM phone at the same time. Depending on the model, you can be reached on both SIM cards at the same time, or you can switch between them. This comes in handy if you have both a business and a private number, or a domestic and a foreign number. It depends on your device whether you can set up a separate ringtone for each phone number.

    Switching between SIM cards and contacts is very easy, so you're always calling from the right number. The contacts are often sorted by SIM card. This way, you will always call your business contacts with your business number and private contacts with your private number. In a Dual SIM phone, you can also use only one SIM card.

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